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5 Things Every Gentleman Should Have In Their Closet

5 Things Every Gentleman Should Have In Their Closet


Staple Sneaker 

A staple sneaker is a necessity... White leather kicks are the best way to go when shopping for your go to shoes. This sneaker fits every occasion along with seasons. The most simplistic shoe is the best to dress up or down. 


Denim Collection 

What does your denim collection look like? Denim is always a staple piece. 3 top denim washes you should own are dark indigo, light was blue, and black. Dark indigo is perfect for those casual work days and last-minute date nights. Light wash blue comes through for a day out on the town, spring and or summer looks. But let's not forget about black, it goes with every piece of clothing there is. 

Sports Jacket 

How would you style your sports jacket or blazer? Every man should have a sport jacket or blazer in their closet. This item is important for job interviews, business meetings, and formal events. Though in today's society sport jackets and blazers are the newest looks with shorts, want to feel high class with a bit of swag... throw on that blazer. 

Lace-Up Boots and Shoes

 Lace-up boots and shoes, why you should have them in your wardrobe...Having options on deck is never a bad thing but a good lace-up boot can be paired with denim and a nice sports jacket. Lace-up shoes are great to have for formal occasions or business affairs. 

Polo Shirt


Polo shirts are essential, no matter the look, style, or fit, polo shirts are always a move. This style of shirt has not gone out. We may have seen it in different variations but it's always around. 


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