The 3 Best Mens Razors

The 3 Best Mens Razors

Mens Razors 

Gillette Razor Skin-guard Razor- $10 

This razor is designed to lubricate the skin and dual blade. It does not shave closely as the 5 blade cartridge but it is great for those who have sensitive skin. 

Harry's Winstons Razor-$20

This razor is great for close shave, it is a 5 blade Swedish steel and can be ordered for less than $2 per piece.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver and Trimmer- $50


This electric shaver and trimmer can do facial and body hair, it can trim, shave, or detail wet or dry and has an interchangeable blades that come with a skin guard, and is rechargeable the batter last up to an hour of use with each full battery.


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