Fall Essentials

Fall Essentials

This years fall trends are comfort and class. Fashion is now trending to oversize clothing with a touch of preppy wear, similar to school uniforms.

Let's start off with leather trousers 

A tip when wearing leather trousers is to add baby powder in-between the legs so the pants don't squeak at your every move. 

Birkenstock Boston

Now everyone always associated Birkenstocks as old people shoes but that's the current fad going around right now. Birkenstocks are now collaborating with brands like Stussy and making a name for themselves in the streetwear industry.

Cotton Blend Socks  

Before it was all about having simple "clean cut" socks. Now today socks can be shown off because they have designs, sayings, and different textures. It is like adding on an accessory to your look. 

V-neck Vest  

Is this a move? Sweater vest remind me of grandparents but there are ways for the youth to add their own twist. With the leather trousers you see up top add an oversized white dress shirt and maybe a one tone sweater vest with silver jewelry it can be an edgy look. 


Rugby Sweater 

These oversized polo shirts are the best for an everyday look or night out. This shirt can be paired up wit jeans, sweats, and even leather pants. Rugby sweaters are fly and cozy. 

What are your favorite fall essentials?


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