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Ballin on a Budget

Ballin on a Budget


How To Ball On A Budget 

First step of planning a trip is finding airfare, transportation, and where to stay. The best sites to use for these necessities are,, 

When planning a trip you should also take into consideration of having a credit card with good points. The best place to receive or collect points are the Hyatt and Southwest Airlines. 


Looking for airfare Southwest Airlines allows you to cancel 24 hours before your departing flight. Most airlines don't allow that, the perk of that is being able to check for lower airfares, canceling your current flight and getting a new one for less. 

Activities are a must on vacations. But it's always tricky when looking for the best prices to pay... Many don't know it's better to look for deals on activities in person rather than prepaying. EXCEPT for museums, tours, water activities, horses, and atvs. 

Costco! The holy grail of stores. Costco is the best way to shop when it comes to traveling in large parties. Buying food and alcohol in a bundle is easier when it comes to splitting cost. 


Staying fresh on trips is a must. The best way to stay within your budget for your trip but you still need those everyday essentials is to purchase travel size products. Hit up your local Target, Walmart, or cosmetic store, get travel size packing products for shampoo, soap, moisturizer and while you're there pick up your favorite cologne in a 0.7oz. Cant forget TSA doesn't allow products over 3.0oz. 

Jewelry is never a bad call. The only problem is jewelry can break the budget unless you use, this free download will allow you to shop online and find the best prices on whatever site you are on. The app is available on phone, tablet, and computer.

Night On The Town 

Going to Club's and parties really set the trip off but it can be frustrating when it comes to the cover fees. If traveling in large parties always look for promoters before hand there will be some type of deal or table for your group. Also ask the hotel or wherever you are staying if they have any promotions with a club in the local area. These small tips make a huge difference in the night and don't forget to always pre-game!


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