6 Easy Last Minute Costumes

6 Easy Last Minute Costumes

Halloween is approaching this Sunday and Halloween costumes are going fast. Many are busy or wait till the last minute to purchase one. Here are 6 easy Halloween costumes you can find in your closet. 

1. Wheres Waldo 

For Wheres Waldo costume all you need is a red and white stripe shirt, jeans, a red and white beanie with glasses.

2. Nerd 

Nerd costumes are one of the easiest to put together. You can put a t-shirt, button up, or polo with jeans, sneakers, maybe purchase some suspenders, and add a pair of glasses.  

3. Football Player

Grab a jersey and purchase a pair of football pants, you are officially a football player.

4. Men in Black

Slap on a suit with a pair of black sunglasses and you have yourself a costume. 

5. Squid Games 

Squid Games is the latest show on Netflix, get yourself a teal or blue jogger suit. 

6. Ted Lasso 

 Ted Lasso is another huge show on Apple TV. His character is beloved on the show all you need is a button up, sweater, khaki pants, sneakers, whistle, and a fake mustache!


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